Privacy Fences

Stockade Privacy Fence

The stockade fence is our basic privacy fence composed of 4×4 posts set in 60lbs of concrete.

Each panel contains 3 2”x4” rails with 1”x6”x6” dog eared pickets.  The stockade style is available in 4’ to 8’ heights and is a great fence for adding basic privacy to your backyard while ensuring your children and pets are safely contained.

Available upgrades include prime pressure treated pickets, cypress pickets or cedar pickets, steel posts (in place of the 4×4 posts), and wood screws.

Arched/Scalloped Privacy Fence

Our arched and scalloped privacy fence are built very similar to the Stockade Privacy Fence but with a more decorative design to the panel.

The 4×4 posts are set in approximately 60lbs of concrete with 2-3 2”x4” rails per section depending on height.  The arched/scalloped privacy fence style can be installed with either external view or internal view posts.

Available in a 4’ to 8’ heights, this fence can also be upgraded to prime pickets, cedar pickets, cypress pickets, post or panel caps, finials, and wood screws.

Charleston Privacy Fence

One of our most asked about styles is our Charleston Privacy Fence.  Because all of our fences are custom built, the Charleston is available in any height between 4’ and 8’.

The style includes a 2×4 or 2×6 cap rail with 1×4 or 1×6 fascia boards and is one of our most popular styles.  Upgrades include choker posts, mitre’d post tops, and all 6×6 post installation.

Wood upgrades are also available along with post caps and finials.  For the ultimate in privacy fences, the Charleston will definitely make your fence the envy of your neighbors!

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